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Skin Fit in 2020!

Take a leap towards healthy, glowing and youthful skin this New Year!

Beginning of a year fills all of us with fresh energy and enthusiasm to take on new challenges, leave all omissions or blunders of the past behind us and start afresh. Many of us take resolutions for weight loss, developing new hobbies, striking a better work life balance etc. But, in this whole gamut of things, don’t forget your skin.

After all, healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body. But sometimes, just working towards a healthy body is not enough to keep the skin healthy, especially as we march into the wiser years. So, do that extra bit for your skin, to feel and look healthy each day! Ditch the concealer and foundation this year and work towards correcting any skin damage, so your skin can breathe free.

Skin care is simple, cost-effective and sustainable if done regularly –

Few Tips!!

  1. Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse! (soap free, fragrance and colour free products)
  • Tone ( alcohol free, gentle, natural )
  • Moisturise ( skin-type specific)
  • Sunscreen (indoors & outdoors) – broad-spectrum, skin-type specific, SPF -30 plus
  • Eat healthy
  • Drink healthy
  • Sleep well
  • Exercise and Meditate!!

And in case of any issues, please DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE!!

Happy New Year & Be Skin-Fit!

Dr. Pooja Gupta

M.D. Dermatology

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