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Holi Advisory 2022!

1. Sensitive cleansers for pre and post cleansing

2. Cream based moisturizer before and after play

3. Apply a layer of virgin coconut oil on scalp n face before play (especially for those who play rough)

4. Opt for non- toxic , herbal colours

 5. No hot water for face, body and hair wash after holi( prefer cold or lukewarm)

6. Options to remove face color post holi – sensitive skin cleanser, virgin coconut oil, milk with soft cotton.

7. Do not scrub your skin

8. People with skin conditions, play with caution!

9. Avoid sun as far as possible

10. Avoid cosmetic use post holi

Take your precautions but the show must go on ! I love this festival and thoroughly play and enjoy myself and plan to do it tomorrow as well !! Hope u do too !

Be alert for any rash and reach out to your Dermatologist if required !

Happy& Safe Holi to all !!

Dr. Pooja Gupta

M.D Dermatology

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