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Skin care in Quarantine!

Most of us are either working from home or spending our days trying to make the best use of our time during this period of social distancing. So let’s take it positively and spend quality time with family while also doing things for our personal well-being including pampering ourselves to have better skin, hair, nails and in general better health ! Take it like an opportunity to detox from the hectic lifestyle we all have got so used to.

Some tips for achieving better skin, hair & nails while staying indoors – 1-week schedule!

1. Follow a basic twice a day cleansing, toning and moisturizing (with massage) schedule.

2. Sunscreen can be skipped if you are not going out, but if working on computer or laptops its recommended to still apply. Go for mineral based or natural sunscreens.

3. Scrub your facial skin once a week , hands once a week, feet twice a week.

4. Pamper your skin with fruit based or other tried and tested face packs!

5. Avoid trying new products at this time!

6. For your under eyes, do gentle massage with virgin coconut oil twice a day and apply cucumber or rose water eye pads for 10 minutes!

7. If removing face or body hair by yourself, be safe and use cold wax, epilators or gentle shavers ( Avoiding salons or home beauticians essential for social distancing)

8. For your hands and nails- (becoming dry from all the hand washing and sanitising)

• Dip hands in warm water with oil for 10 min

• Gently scrub

• Apply a tried and tested mask for dry skin

• Massage with basic moisturiser or virgin coconut oil

• Take special care to massage base of your nails

Do this routine ideally once in 2 days!

9. Feet care – dip feet in warm salty water with oil, then scrub followed by moisturizing cream application

10. For the body skin – expose arms and legs to sun as much as u can take- Get that natural Vitamin D, but take care to moisturise afterwards!

11. For hair – general care

• Precondition with virgin coconut oil two hours before wash – – shampoo alternate days

• At night apply any prescription medicines for hair growth improvement

• Avoid too much chemicals in the form of styling or colouring products!

• Avoid excess heat treatments!

12. Eat a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet, with wholegrains, fruits and vegetables rich in proteins, limited carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

13. Eat at least two fruits rich in Vitamin C per day (good for skin and gives anti-flu immunity)

14. Exercise daily – cardiovascular, core strengthening and body weight-based workouts !!

15. Practice yoga and meditate! This is quite a list to keep you productively engaged and keep you happy healthy and glowing!!

Stay safe! Stay in! Stay positive! Stay connected! And this too shall pass!

If all of us take care of ourselves, our families, and our staff, that will make the job of healthcare professionals battling Covid19 in the field much easier.

It may seem like you are alone at home, but we are all together in this!

I know reading news about some irresponsible individuals flouting laws of self and government-imposed quarantine is disturbing, but that should not deter us from doing what’s right. And, as we Indians have demonstrated in many instances in the past, we shall successfully beat this monster of a virus too !!!

Cheers n Take care

Dr. Pooja Gupta

M.D Dermatology