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This Diwali – Find your inner glow !

2020 has been a tough year for all of us in different ways and measures ! Some of us have faced poor health, lost jobs, lost loved ones or if nothing else then social isolation.
But, we can either dwell in the negativity or find our way out of it. It is a conscious choice that each one of us needs to make for ourselves. Once we have made the choice, there are many techniques which can help us bring positivity into our lives meditation, chanting or simply taking a walk in the park. But, its important to make it a habit, for it to bring about real change.
Connecting with oneself, helps us resolve our inner conflicts, forgive ourselves and others who have wronged us, it’s a time for self appraisal, and brings about a sense of inner harmony, balance and peace.
I’m no psychologist and don’t plan to switch fields, but this year has been an year of self reflection and understanding that the biggest block to our success or growth is within us.
So, if u want to be the one to light up any room you walk into, find your inner glow.
Spread the light ! Happy Diwali!

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