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Best Night Cream for Me ???

Doc! Which is the best night cream for me?

Being in this profession for more than a decade, I’m quite frequently asked this question by patients,friends and family.

It’s a million dollar question with a not so easy answer! It definitely indicates that the person in question has had a realization that something needs to be done beyond their usual routine for their skin and is willing to devote time, energy and probably money in order to preserve their youthful looks or reverse any early signs of aging or damage that they have noticed. It’s definitely a positive step as once we own up to the fact that a change is needed, we are already opening our mind to exploring possibilities and moving further on the road to self-improvement.

What we need to understand is that even though we notice changes on the face first, reversing age in the skin and body goes hand in hand. Aging is nothing but a term for cumulative damage that has happened over years due to a complex interplay between internal and external environmental factors. Reversal needs lifestyle changes involving positive changes in diet, physical fitness, proper sleep, meditation or other ways of stress management, a consistent skin care routine and last but not the least medical procedures to repair the existing damage and rejuvenate skin from within. Since our skin is like a mirror for our internal systems, to really achieve visible results, one has to work on all fronts.

There are many barriers to seeking anti-aging advice and treatments. There is always someone in your circle who will tell you to embrace the changes that age brings gracefully and not be so invested in our external appearances. But, what they don’t understand is that every person is different and that one needs to be honest with ourselves in understanding what is stopping us- is it the fear of being perceived as vain, or lack of knowledge of available options, lack of motivation and willpower or simply lassitude?

Skin care is a part of self-care and how far you want to go in the direction of age/ damage reversal therapies should be solely your decision because as long as you love what you see in the mirror, nothing else matters. But, if you are beginning to lose that sense of pride, then there are a multitude of options available in this technology driven age to help you in becoming the best version of yourself.

Coming back to the topic of night creams, most commonly available night creams are nothing but commerce driven fads, a combination of multiple ingredients which may or may not agree with your skin, which may or may not achieve the results, but they do give you a mostly false sense of gratification of having done something for your skin at the end of the day. Instead, what you need is a proper night skin care regime( usually a sequence of cleanse->massage->tone->repair->moisturize) tailored specifically to your skin type keeping in mind your allergies and other individual needs.

So, just to put things simply, a visit to your trusted dermatologist for a detailed skin assessment and arriving at your anti-aging or I would rather say a skin-improvement plan based on your lifestyle, skin type, body type, genetics and professional needs will get you better returns than simply investing in a night cream.

Don’t give up before you try!! If wine can get better with time, so can we !


Dr. Pooja Gupta
M.D ( Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist)