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Monkey pox Disease – Myths & Facts

1.Monkey pox disease is seen only in men who have sex with men – MYTH FACT –Monkeypox can happen to anyone. People who live with or have close contact (including sexual contact) with someone who has monkeypox, or who has regular contact with animals who could be infected, are most at risk. Health workers should

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Hello all! Inspiration struck again, so I am writing about this topic, which I’m not sure how many of you know & understand. As they say, ‘Knowledge is Power’! Once we know the enemy, we can definitely deal with it in a better way. Bold facts! Hair aging strikes one & all, although timing may

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I Am Wheatish And I Love It!!

In my profession, one is often faced by requests from patients to help make them fairer. Having practiced in India and abroad, I have experienced the difference of opinion in this regard. I have seen lighter skin patients frequenting tanning salons or spending their weekends at the beach trying to get a perfect tan, whereas

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Best Night Cream for Me ???

Doc! Which is the best night cream for me? Being in this profession for more than a decade, I’m quite frequently asked this question by patients,friends and family. It’s a million dollar question with a not so easy answer! It definitely indicates that the person in question has had a realization that something needs to

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