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Grading criteria for social studies essays

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To competently compose an ox essays review on social studies and other disciplines, it is important for the student to follow not only the typical structure, writing rules and templates, but also the evaluation criteria on the result. The basic principles of "excellent" work are as follows:

  • Disclosure of the meaning of the topic - the author should convey understanding of the essence of the quotation as clearly and concisely as possible. All thoughts are stated clearly and structured, the examiner should not conclude that the topic is disclosed superficially.
  • Clearly structured text - despite the absence of frameworks and restrictions on the essay plan, the author should adhere to important points, so that the logic of the narrative, literacy can be traced.
  • Number and quality of arguments - the author gives examples, as much as possible related to the topic under consideration, the discipline and the problem, they should deeply reveal the essence and personal opinion. You can use information from scientific literature, media, history.

The main criteria for evaluating the essay are the content, style of presentation, literacy in conveying your own thoughts.

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