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August 12, 2022

I consulted Dr. Pooja for treatment for hair loss. She did a thorough check up including blood tests to check for deficiencies, sleep schedule etc. Thereafter she advised the derma-roller + prp treatment.

As usual the first instinct is to avoid any invasive treatment, however safe it may sound. The good thing was that she explained the procedure thoroughly and gave me time to do my own research.

I am glad that I went ahead with it. I had been taking medicines, applying serums and trying natural treatments for 2 years, but this treat yielded quick results. I am happy to see a reduced hair loss and new hair follicles beginning to appear on my scalp.

I must also mention the fact that Dr. Pooja was always available to promptly answer all questions and do a quick check up whenever I had any minor issues that I wanted to consult her for.

Acne Treatment
January 12, 2022

Dr Pooja Gupta is one the finest Dermatologists I have consulted. I have a sensitive skin prone to acnes even in middle age. After few months of her medication, all my acne problems have disappeared. My face looks so much cleaner and spotless. I will highly recommend her as she brought the best solutions for me specially with sensitive and aging skin. She is also a very warm and gentle person who cares for her patients.

Acne Treatment
January 12, 2022

Dr Pooja has been a great doctor for me for last 3 years.. I had problem of frequent acnes for which most of the dermatologists prescribed isotroin.. since I have dry eyes I was not able to take that medication.. Dr Pooja treated my acnes with a combination of antibiotics and topical treatments which worked wonderfully for my skin.. thanks to Dr Pooja.

Psoriasis treatment
January 12, 2022

Since the past one year, I've  been struggling with various skin disorders like acute fungal skin rashes, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.  During this period I  consulted many dermatologists and tried many different methods of cure but nothing really helped.  In summer of 2020, all the three conditions suddenly aggravated and started spreading.  So at one point, I had red itchy fungal rashes in different parts of my body, the seborrheic dryness in my scalp and ears, and a very irritating psoriasis on all my fingers.  It was during such a harrowing time that I started tele-consulting with Dr. Pooja Gupta.  It goes without saying that she's an excellent dermatologist because within a few months into my treatment all my skin problems were in remission. Psoriasis was such a challenge and I personally didn't think that I would ever get to see my fingers as they were before the disease.  But Dr. Gupta's methodical diagnosis and expertise has successfully cured me of my psoriasis.  I am ever so grateful to Dr. Gupta for treating me.

Facial yoga exercises program
January 12, 2022

"I personally know Dr. Pooja Gupta to be a sincere physician as well as human being and it was wonderful to be a recipient of her facial yoga exercises program. The exercises are simple yet effective toward addressing different areas of the face, including eyes. Within 8 weeks of starting them, my dark spots began to fade. Friends and family commented upon a new "glow" to my face as well! Despite the time crunch of the modern work era, I plan to continue these exercises as often as I can."Thanks!

Skin Care Programme
January 12, 2022

BEST SKIN CARE EVER!! Keep up the great work.

Dry uneven skin Treatment
January 12, 2022

I consulted Dr. Pooja around 2 months back when i was really unhappy with my skin. I had extremely dry uneven skin with bad breakouts. To make the things worse I was applying makeup regularly to cover the problem areas. Dr. Pooja explained me how makeup is bad for the skin and gave me confidence how we can work together and make my skin better. She gave me a skin care routine which was simple but had to be followed religiously. She also explained me the importance of using a sun block and the right way to use it. I started seeing the results within first week of following the regime. It’s been 2 months now and everyone is noticing the change in my skin and I am getting so many compliments.I have completely stopped using makeup and don’t feel the need. I would highly recommend Dr. Pooja for her knowledge, patience & personalised treatment, which shows how much she cares for her patients.

Burn Treatment
January 12, 2022

So sometime back I had burnt my hand in a cooking incident. And the silly person that I am, I kept refusing to go to a doctor and kept referring to doctor google, which made things worse to say the least. I had no skin left on my hand. So it was high time saw a doctor. I visited Dr. Pooja, which was maybe one of the wisest decisions of my life. Today I don’t have a single sign of burn on my hand, all thanks to Dr. Pooja. I also learnt quite a few things from her. Such as, the importance of sunscreen.