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Trqois Terra Products

Business Goals

  • To deliver quality skin & hair health care through scientifically developed & tested , nature based products.

Story behind the Brand

  • It symbolizes harmony between elements of nature.
  • Yin-Yang  is a powerful universal philosophy symbolizing balance between opposing forces for harmonious existence & growth
  • Harmonious interplay between nature & science can produce remarkable results
  • Trqois – derived from Turquoise , a greenish –blue colored stone first discovered in Turkey, which is known for its healing properties.
  • Terra – stands for mother earth.
  • The brand stands for harmoniously harnessing natural ingredients , backing them with scientific knowledge and creating products with healing powers.
  • The skin and hair products under the label Trqois Terra  have been formulated keeping in mind the challenges faced in maintaining healthy skin and hair by city dwellers across India and abroad.
  • They are made from nature based ingredients and backed by scientific evidence
  • Aimed at neutralizing damage caused by environmental stressors like sun, pollution, extremes of weather and also by internal factors like biological aging, mental stress etc.
  • Packed with natural anti-oxidants and skin & hair health enhancing ingredients.

Product profile

  • Channeling years of Dermatology experience and passion for natural products.
  • Combining benefits of nature-based ingredients & scientific process.
  • Eco-friendly, natural ingredients.
  • Free from chemicals – parabens, silicone, sulphates & others .
  • Handpicked after tough scrutiny to eliminate chances of allergies and other possible side-effects.
  • Select ingredients with valid scientific evidence for safety & efficacy included.
  • Rigorous quality checks.
  • Grooming solutions for men & women.
  • Products which rejuvenate, repair and enhance quality of skin & hair, as you groom.
  • Non pharmaceutical products safe for daily long term use.
  • Packed with powerful natural antioxidants.